Israel reaping what Obama policies sow

U.S. officials who condemned the Hamas terrorist organization for violating a truce agreement with Israel were right to refer to the action as “barbaric.”

But from Secretary of State John Kerry up to President Obama, it was a case of reaping what U.S. policy has sowed.

After Israel sent troops into Gaza in response to Hamas terrorists firing hundreds of rockets at the Jewish state, Kerry launched a diplomatic offensive in an attempt to restore the peace.

But virtually everything the U.S. has done during recent years encouraged Hamas to behave aggressively. The very basis of Kerry’s action – putting a vicious, aggressive terrorist organization on the same footing as Israel – emboldened Hamas.

For years before, Obama’s public criticism of Israel had the same effect.

Only when – or rather, if – U.S. policy is made more realistic will Hamas and other terrorist organizations masquerading as humanitarian groups temper their aggression against Israel.