Another drop of the bucket

We see now why people who win mega-million-dollar lotteries sometime go into hiding. Everybody and their brother hits them up for money.

Kinda like the Ward County Commission drawing from the sales tax well; business is good so let’s drop down another bucket. Simple and easy.

In case you missed it, the commission has vastly underestimated how much it will cost to improve the courthouse and build a new county jail.

On Tuesday the commission met with architects and a citizens committee and decided to draft yet another ballot measure to generate revenue from sales tax. Voters would be asked to raise the county’s indebtedness beyond the $39.3 million agreed upon two years ago when voters approved a half-cent sales tax to fund a county office building, jail, courthouse renovation and road and bridge repair.

They said costs are higher than anticipated two years ago and the need for jail space is growing faster than anyone expected.

Perhaps too much thought went into simple and easy land acquisition than crunching the big numbers like average taxpayers would have to do before building a new house, farm shop or a small business.

The measure, whether it is voted on in November or in a special election in January, can’t be put on the ballot without a public hearing. That much is clear.

We just wonder whether that bucket will hit water or bottom this time.