‘The illusion of unlimited resources’

James and Ann Moore

Parsons, Kan.

According to the Census Bureau, our U.S. population is about 318.6 million. Reportedly, our workforce includes about 146.4 million (46 percent), 116.3 million (37 percent) are income taxpayers, 9.7 million (3 percent) are “officially” unemployed, 18.7 million (6 percent) are “actually” unemployed, 47.8 million are retirees, 11 million are disabled, 47 million are living in poverty, 45.9 million are Food Stamp recipients, 1.7 million are homeless, 122 thousand are “unaccompanied minors,” 1 in 6 live on incomes at risk for hunger, 14 million American children rely on “food banks,” food insecurity exists in every county in the U.S., 47 million are without health insurance, 2.2 million are in jail or prison, and the share of our growing $17.6 trillion National Debt for each “citizen” is about $55,000 – or, about $151,000 for each “taxpayer.” Overall, today about 157 million (49 percent) of us are receiving some type of “benefits.”

And, while our military veterans wait in line for “earned” health care benefits, our country’s infrastructure deteriorates, and gang violence and drug abuse spread throughout our once much greater nation – our federal government continues operations under their liberty-threatening “illusion of unlimited resources.” Among the more recent examples: The irresponsible ongoing acceptance of countless thousands of illegal immigrants, now being transported at taxpayer expense throughout the U.S., to taxpayer funded accommodations that include (but no doubt not limited to) food, housing, transportation, health care, education services, legal services, communication services, as well as, reportedly, yet to be disclosed spending “allowances” for illegal immigrant minors.

As our government leaders prepare for their next break or vacation from the toils of their political tasks, they have a couple of other grossly-mistaken “illusions” they would be well served to get seriously in touch with. Those being: 1) “their illusion” that a nation of ever-growing “takers” and ever-diminishing “contributors” can and will forever stand, and 2) “their illusion” that the “tolerance” of this country’s “contributors” for inept and otherwise irresponsible government is under any circumstances – unlimited!

A little special clear-headed attention to history, common sense and current world events should be helpful to our elected “servants of the people” – in their much needed return to some resemblance of reality.