Health Center, police housing

NEW TOWN The second phase of an overall approximately $22 million project of the Three Affiliated Tribes to provide more than 100 houses including some duplexes, primarily for staff at the tribes’ Elbowoods Memorial Health Center in New Town, has started.

“One of the main priorities of the MHA (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara) Nation is health care and in order for our Elbowoods Health Center to fully staff 105 employees we need good, affordable housing and it’s working,”said Tex Hall chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes. “We now have five doctors full time, dentist, podiatrist, nurses, pharmacists, etc.”

“The council and Health Administration at Elbowoods Health Center Kathy Eagle, CEO, Dr. Monica Mayer, and Lavette Fox, Dialysis Center director have prioritized a new Dialysis Center and Dental (office) along with the phase 2 (expansion) which is a 24-hour Ambulatory Center due to the increased popluation at MHA with the Bakken oil boom! MHA (Nation) is self funding the entire projects of housing and new phase 2,” Hall said.

Jim Foote, Health Center housing project manager, said the second phase will have 61 units. Half of the units will be stick-built houses and the rest a mix of manufactured homes and duplexes.

“We completed the water and sewer last fall,” said Foote. He said the curb and gutter was completed this year as well as the foundations. Building the structures now has started, he said.

Forty-nine houses were completed this year in the first phase of the project, Foote said. Those houses are now being rented and occupied. Besides Health Center staff, police officers are renting five of the first-phase houses. Five units in the second-phase project also will be for police officers.

The housing in both phases has central air and all appliances provided. The majority of the units will have two-car garages.

The first phase of the housing project cost about $12 million including 40 acres for the land.

The second phase of the project will cost about $12 million more.

The costs for both amounts include water and sewer, and curb and gutter. Landscaping and seeding is part of the both phases of the housing project.

Prior to the new housing project for Health Center staff, the only housing was 11 Indian Health Service homes, west of New Town, that are 40-some years old. Those homes are currently occupied by tribal staff.

First Dakota, of Pierre, S.D., is the general contractor for the second-phase housing project. That company also was general contractor for the first-phase housing.

Members of the tribal business council supported the project. No federal funds were used for the two-phase housing project; the Three Affiliated Tribes provided all the funding.

The second-phase housing project will be completed in December, weather permitting, Foote said.

The health care center housing committee is working with an architect on plans for a building to house the kidney dialysis unit. The committee’s also working on future plans for dental, diabetes, urgent care and limited inpatient offices. All of the buildings would connect to the health center.

KDU, dental and diabetes care currently are located in buildings west of New Town. Currently there is no limited inpatient or urgent care services offered.