Dakota College offers Math Boot Camp for students

Dakota College at Bottineau is offering a “Math Boot Camp” beginning Aug. 11 for its students prior to the first week of school. The camp will be taught by Dakota College at Bottineau instructors at Dakota College at Bottineau and on the campuses of Minot State University and Valley City State University.

The camp is intended to help students place into a higher level math course than their ACT score or other math placement exam might indicate. Currently, such students would be assigned to take one of the three developmental math courses (Algebra Prep I, Algebra II and Algebra III) before they took College Algebra, unless they were able to test high. Since College Algebra is a graduation requirement, it could mean students would have to wait one or more semesters to take College Algebra, according to a pres release isseud by the college.

“Providing students the opportunity to test out of an entire math course or two their first semester of college is great opportunity. Motivated students could move on to higher level courses faster while saving themselves money” said Tracy Chisholm, Dakota College at Bottineau math instructor, in a press release.

The Math Boot Camp will consist of 16 classroom hours during which students will boost their math proficiency skills and improve math testing abilities. This intensive course will utilize the Khan Academy, a free online learning tool, to enhance their math skills. Students will start the class by taking a pre-test to determine what concepts they already know and what they have yet to learn. Khan Academy then designs an individualized plan for each student to follow. While working on their plan, the program will provide videos, generate problems for each skill, and provide immediate feedback on their answers. In addition to learning essential math skills, students will apply what they have learned by participating in individual and collaborative activities to reinforce their algebra knowledge. At the end of the course, students will take a post-test to determine if they are ready for the next highest level math course.

Contact Dakota College at Bottineau for more information about the Math Boot Camp.