Park Board asks for input

Repairing the tennis court, adding lighting and installing more playground equipment were a few of the suggestions that neighbors of Riverside Park had for the Minot Park Board Thursday.

The park board gathered with residents in the park as part of its broader effort to find out what people around Minot want to see in their small, local parks.

The board previously had been to Green Valley and Radio City parks and has opened discussion on Polaris Park.

Neighbors of Riverside Park, located along the river not far from Oak Park, asked for simple changes such as street rather than alley access, an upgraded grill and signage designating the park and children at play. They also suggested a chain link fence near the dike for the protection of small children. In addition to the tennis court and playground, Riverside Park has a basketball area and a picnic shelter.

Neighbors kicked around other ideas, offering a variety of suggestions that indicated they would like at least one other amenity that doesn’t exist now in the park.

The park board is gathering ideas to be incorporated into its future development plan. However, Merritt said there likely will be some less expensive items that can be done as soon as next summer.

“We can’t do it all at once, but we want to make sure that we are doing something you guys are going to want,” Merritt told residents.

The park board will be compiling ideas and creating a list from which neighbors of Riverside Park can determine their priority projects.

The park board is open to funding larger projects in any of its parks. The park district already is upgrading some of its tennis courts to meet the specifications of more serious players.

Park board member Connie Feist said the board is looking for a location for a second skate park and is considering a pickle-ball court at Roosevelt Park. She said the board is considering another splashpad for Radio City Park, located in the far south end of Minot.

In addition to Feist, park board members Chuck Emery and Nancy Beck attended the meeting at Riverside Park.

Residents who have suggestions for small parks in their areas can contact a park board member or the district office at or 857-4136 or by sending a letter to the district office at 420-3rd Ave. SW in Minot.