Lake Sakakawea remains high

The level of water in Lake Sakakawea Thursday was 1,845.2 feet, approximately 10 feet higher than one year earlier.

Although the latest runoff projections provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have decreased the amount of runoff into the upper Missouri River system from 33.0 million acre feet to 32.5 maf, high water levels are expected to remain on Lake Sakakawea for the remainder of the year.

Average annual runoff in the upper Missouri River Basin is 25.2 maf.

Lake Sakakawea peaked in July at slightly over 1,846 feet and has begun a slow decline. Projections now have Lake Sakakawea finishing August at 1,844.2 feet and ending the year at 1,840.9 feet. The July projections showed an end of year elevation of 1,841.2 feet.

Releases through Garrison Dam during August are expected to average 28,000 cubic acre feet per second and will be reduced to 21.4 cubic acre feet in September.

Total runoff into Lake Sakakawea for 2014 is projected to be 140 percent of normal.

Kim Fundingsland