No solution to those downstream

Kevin Nelson


I just finished reading a front page article titled “Fix for Flooding,” by Jill Schramm, which applauds the actions of the city in finding a solution to the flooding issues in the Green Acres area of the city. The true title should be, “Minot Moves Flooding Issues Downstream.”

Ms. Schramm should do more research and describe the effects this improved and quicker water flow will have on the people living downstream and outside the city limits. Minot continues a trend of dumping water from developments in southwest Minot into Puppy Dog and Larson #1 with no consideration being given, or at least not reported, to the downstream effects. The Ward County Water Resources Board needs to take action to prevent future projects that contribute to water flowing out of the city and to seek solutions to the effects of past actions. Water flow and flooding issues need to be worked backwards from the downstream end in order to provide a permanent solution for all.