It’s time to reclaim the jungle

Thanks and congratulations to the Minot Public Works Department for taking on the mowing issue.

Public Works has a lot of other important projects going on this summer but plans to break away from those this week to get caught up on its mowing responsibilities.

This is not a routine mow job that every city has to address each summer. The City of Minot has acquired many, many lots over the years because of flood control and other issues. The city, understandably, just doesn’t have the manpower to do all of the mowing on a regular schedule so the big push planned this week should be very welcomed by residents.

Residents who have been harping on the city to get the job done were not asking too much and did not come across as being unreasonably impatient. We’re just hoping other people and entities with overgrown properties will adjust their priorities like Public Works did so the city doesn’t have to go through another winter looking like a jungle.