Caroline’s Carts aid shoppers

Marketplace Foods is making carts available at each of its locations in Minot for families of children with disabilities.

The carts, called Caroline’s Carts, were created by parents who realized their daughter would eventually outgrow a typical shopping cart, according to a press release from Minot State University. The carts enable parents and caregivers to do grocery shopping without having to maneuver a wheelchair and a traditional grocery cart at the same time.

Dianne Bossert, Minot Infant Development Program project director, approached the South Broadway Marketplace Foods manager about purchasing a cart for his store. Manager Craig Heupel was supportive and instrumental in securing a Caroline’s Cart for each of the five Marketplace Foods stores in Minot.

Heupel also promises that Marketplace Foods personnel will meet families at their vehicles with Caroline’s Carts so that families will not have to transfer children with disabilities from their vehicles, into wheelchairs and then into carts. Families must call the Marketplace Foods store before they arrive to go grocery shopping and the personnel will then meet them at their vehicles. Business cards with the telephone numbers of Minot’s five Marketplace Foods locations will be printed and available at Marketplace Food stores.

The carts are made available as a collaboration between the North Daktoa Center for Persons with Disabilities at Minot State and Marketplace Foods.