Ice agreements and statues

With temperatures hovering in the 80s and the sun shining for more than 12 hours each day so far, discussing the use of ice rinks at the All Seasons Arena might not seem like a very timely issue, but it was for the Minot Park Board. The board held their monthly meeting last night at the Minot City Auditorium.

One item on the board’s agenda was to accept the addendum to the ice agreement made with the State Fair Association. The addendum is part of a two-party agreement that includes usage by and for the Minot Park District and the City of Minot for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 ice seasons. According to the addendum, the cost for the 2014-2015 season would be $62,700 and $64,600 for the 2015-2016 season. The rental rate for the 2016-2017 season would be negotiated.

However, there were some questions with one of the provisions that stated, “In the event the fairground facility is destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause, or if any casualty or unforeseen occurrence renders the fulfillment of the agreement by the All Seasons Arena impossible, this agreement will terminate and user waives any claim for damages or compensation.”

Park board member Charles Emery said he would hate to see the park board lose money if something were to happen to the All Seasons Arena, like another flood.

The addendum was tabled after further discussion due to needing more clarification for that specific provision.

The park board also agreed to accept the donation of three statues and their placement. Recently, the Minot Park Board was contacted by an anonymous individual who is interested in donating statues to enhance the parks and facilities. The donor offered to donate three statues with the ability to purchase future statues from him at his cost.

One of the statues, portraying two children sitting in a tree, would be placed in Oak Park, near the start of the walking path. The second statue, which features several children climbing on a jungle gym, would be placed near the sun dial in Roosevelt Park. Near the entrance building of the Roosevelt Park Zoo would be where the third statue, two giraffes, would be placed.

Elly DesLauriers, Minot Park District administrator, said the statues would add a lot to the parks. The district receives many compliments from people about the statue at Via View Park.

One concern about the statues, specifically the one that has the children climbing on the jungle gym, had to do with preventing kids from climbing on the statue. Another concern had to do with vandalism, since one of the statues would be located in an area of Roosevelt Park where vandalism seems to occur the most. It was suggested that the statues be placed on concrete bases and additional lighting be used.

Overall, the park board was in favor of the addition of the statues. “I think people appreciate (the statues),” said board member Connie Feist. “It would be nice to move forward since the donor is so excited about it.”

DesLauriers said it would take four to five months for installation of the statues. The order would be placed in October with hopes of getting started on the installation next spring, she added.

“In the whole scheme of things, this is the least expensive and the most appreciated projects we can do,” said Feist.

A final decision on the statues will be made at the September meeting of the park board.