Let’s be safe out there

Minot public schools are back in session this week. Be alert and study hard, follow instructions.

No, that advice is not meant for grade schoolers but their parents who drive them to school, teens who drive themselves or a sibling to school – anyone who’ll be on the road over the next few weeks.

You see, bad habits are hard to break and when school gets out for summer thoughts of safety tend to slip. Boy did they ever slip this year. Plenty of drivers in this city could stand to audit a drivers ed class right about now.

Who hasn’t seen a red light blatantly run lately – heck, today – or been the guilty party? Sped up to get through a yellow light lately? Yellow means what? It might be on the test.

Seriously, nobody wants to cause injury on our streets and the best way to avoid that is to slow down, follow the rules of the road – all of them – and drive defensively. And stay off the darn phone.