Military Day at the Zoo

Cason Music, 7, and Cameron Music, 3, had a great time going with their dad, Quinn Music, from one exhibit to another in Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot on Friday.

Quinn Music, a senior airman with the 5th Munitions Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, said the kids really like the ducks and geese. At one of the exhibits the boys stretched to look over the fence and around some vegetation to see a snowy white pelican with a huge orange-yellow bill preening itself.

Later the boys took a ride on a small merry-go-round and looked at monkeys and other animals and waterfowl.

The Musics were among many military families enjoying a free day at the zoo during Military Day at the Zoo, an annual event sponsored by the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee, Air Force Association, zoo and Minot Park District, and Minot Railroad Museum.

The cooler, rainy weather didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of those attending the events who do such activities including having lunch under a big tent, visit the zoo and take train rides.

Katie Gorecki, along with Harvey, 8, and Brett, 4, enjoyed hotdogs and other picnic-type food under the big tent set up on the grassy lawn west of the zoo.

“This is just wonderful,” said Katie Gorecki. She said the community makes it easy for them to be a part of it. She is the wife of Lt. Col. Ryan Gorecki, commander of the 23rd Bomb Squadron at Minot AFB.

Bruce Carlson, chairman of the Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee, cooking at a grill with Dave Bussard, also a Military Affairs Committee member, said they planned for 1,500 people but had food enough for 2,000 people.