Complacency will have consequences

Here’s news for you: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security say there are no “specific or credible” threats to Americans from Islamic State terrorists. It’s official; the two agencies sent an intelligence bulletin on the subject out last week.

What was that about failing to “connect the dots”?

Islamic State leaders, invigorated by military victories and mass slaughter in Syria and Iraq, have made no secret of their goal to attack Americans here in the United States. Given the fact that in their ranks are 100 or more American citizens, such an assault is more than possible – it is to be expected.

Yet federal intelligence agencies tell us, in effect, not to worry.

A more reassuring bulletin would be one outlining what the federal government is doing to prevent Islamic State terrorists from gaining even more power, more resources and more weaponry – leading to attacks outside the Middle East.

Complacency such as that being demonstrated now has consequences. Americans who remember Sept. 11, 2001, understand that.