School lunch menus

Bishop Ryan Catholic School

Today: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Taco in a bag, lettuce, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Spaghetti, garlic toast, vegetables, fruit, milk.

Friday: Cheesy breadsticks, marinara sauce, vegetables, fruit, milk.

Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary

Today: No school.

Wednesday: Diced chicken in gravy, mashed potatoes, cream style corn, fresh fruit, oatmeal cookie.

Thursday: Cheese pizza, salad bar, pineapple, mixed fruit.

Friday: Hamburger on bun, French fries, fresh vegetables with ranch, fresh fruit.

Glenburn Public School

Today: Beef barley soup w/roast beef sandwich, salad bar, fruit.

Wednesday: Pizza hot dish, bread stick, salad bar, fruit.

Thursday: BBQ chicken on a bun, chips, cold slaw, salad bar, fruit.

Friday: Bacon cheese burger hot dish, salad bar, fruit.

Minot Public Schools

Today: No school.

Wednesday: Corn dog, baked beans, peaches, vegetable bar, milk.

Thursday: Chicken drumstick, potato wedges, breadstick, fresh fruit, vegetable bar, milk.

Friday: French bread cheese pizza, marinara sauce, mixed fruit, vegetable bar, milk.


Today: Sub sandwich, chips, applesauce.

Wednesday: Soft shell taco, tropical fruit.

Thursday: Hashbrown bake, pork patty, mandarin orange.

Friday: Baked potato bar, pears.


Today: Hot ham and cheese sandwich, potato wedges, broccoli, chocolate chip cookies, grapes.

Wednesday: Chicken patty, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, bread, oranges.

Thursday: Italian pasta, green pepper strips, baby carrots, applesauce, bread, brownie.

Friday: Taco burger with bun, lettuce, tomato, refried beans, pears.

School lunch menus for area schools are featured, as available, Tuesdays in The Minot Daily News. Lunch menus are subject to change without notice. Area schools can submit school lunch entries for publication at dcaldwell