Commission upholds deputy demotion

WASHBURN The McLean County Commission upheld the demotion of a deputy sheriff following a four-hour hearing Aug. 19.

The deputy, Curt Olson, is a candidate for sheriff in McLean County. He filed a grievance after Sheriff Don Charging demoted him from captain on July 9 on grounds that he failed to follow department procedures on three occasions. The incident that prompted the demotion related to a traffic stop.

Commission chairwoman Pam Link said the commission viewed the video of the incident and heard testimony from Charging and Olson’s attorney. Olson had posted his job performance evaluations from 2006 through last April on his campaign Facebook page that showed excellent reviews.

“I am disappointed with the outcome of the hearing, but at the same time respect the decision of the county commission,” Olson said. As for my campaign for McLean County sheriff, it goes on. My dedication to serving the people of McLean County has never been stronger.”

Olson is running against Chief Deputy J.R. Kerzmann for sheriff in the November election. He has worked for the McLean County Sheriff’s Department since October 2003 and is a 29-year veteran of law enforcement.