Moratorium on adult businesses considered

The City of Minot is considering imposing a year-long moratorium on permits for alcoholic beverages and adult entertainment while studying possible changes in its regulation and zoning of the businesses.

The Minot City Council’s Public Works and Safety Committee voted Wednesday to recommend the council approve a moratorium.

During the moratorium, there would be a review of existing regulations, including regulations on sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and licensing of alcoholic beverage retailers and zoning of adult entertainment. During that time, there could be no permits, including building permits or site plans, approved for businesses with adult uses.

A resolution going to the council states that under existing regulations, there is potential for adult-related businesses to end up in areas that are inconsistent with existing zoning and the comprehensive plan. The city has received requests from the public to review the ordinance in comparison to national standards.

City planner Donna Bye said the city has no pending permit requests that would be affected by a moratorium.

Jill Schramm