Vote Sinner for U.S. House

I know many of you disdain politics. I don’t. I grew up in a family that felt public service was a noble and necessary duty. Whether it was a person who dedicated time to serve on a school board, county commission, city council, rural fire department, state, or national office.

A person who puts his name out at a convention or annual meeting and is willing to be placed on a ballot demonstrates the courage and conviction I think is necessary to be of service to a community or state.

I was proud last spring to be able to second the nomination of George Sinner as our lone representative in the U.S. House. George has been out in the real world, working in private business, his entire life. He can see that the gridlock which delayed the farm bill, highway funding bill, and countless other necessary programs is out of touch with what the people want and need.

As former Sen. Kent Conrad said in his nominating speech for Mr. Sinner, “Our current congressman has been kidnapped by the right wing of the right wing!”

We don’t need that. Nor do we need an extremist from the left-wing. We need a congressman who knows North Dakota’s people and businesses. We need a congressman who has a lifetime of experience working with us, not against us.

I urge you to research these candidates. And support George Sinner. You won’t be disappointed.