No need to one-up for a photo

What in the world is wrong with people?

Another tourist at Yellowstone National Park has crashed a drone into a hot spring despite a park ban on the use of drones.

According to news reports, for the third time this summer, Yellowstone National Park rangers have cited a tourist for illegally flying a drone in the park.

Park officials said Friday that Donald Criswell of Molalla, Ore., flew an unmanned aircraft over Midway Geyser Basin and near bison on Aug. 19.

Earlier in August, rangers charged a tourist from the Netherlands after his drone allegedly crashed into the gorgeous Grand Prismatic Spring.

And a visitor from Germany is accused of flying a drone that crashed into Yellowstone Lake on July 17.

What next, an assault on Old Faithful for the sake of a photograph?

We understand the desire of photographers to get the best pictures possible and the need of some people to one-up the competition.

But we also understand the don’t-give-a-darn mentality that seems to be playing out in the nation’s most pristine public places.

Let’s hope responsible visitors to our own national park, the North and South units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, are on alert to such carelessness, whether it involves simply disturbing the natural peace of the parks or worse, harassing animals for fun or for profit.

Mr. Ranger wouldn’t like that.

Help him or her do their job of protecting what belongs to all of us.