Fitting last ride makes impression

It was both sad and heart-warming to read about the last ride of Paul Christensen of Sawyer that took place in Minot last Friday.

Eloise Ogden of our staff documented the funeral procession for Christensen, which had been arranged by his many friends including longtime riding friends.

The funeral took place at Minot’s First Lutheran Church and the “last ride” for Christensen, a Minot native, was in a horse-drawn hearse in a “parade” from the church to the State Fairgrounds where his ashes were transferred to relatives.

Christensen’s horse, a riderless horse, carried his hat, boots, rope and other gear, and followed the horse-drawn hearse.

The story was sad because Christensen’s death came suddenly and it was heart-warming because of all the thought and quick planning that went into the ride. What a show of respect and expression of loss. We should all have such true friends.

Reading Christensen’s obituary and Ogden’s story about his funeral ride reminds us, though, that friendships come at a price … namely hard work and sacrifice to community. Words like educator, service and volunteer stood out in both texts.

That type of sharing of oneself can be learned, and in this case those traits were obviously passed on to Paul in part by his father, George, a former Minot mayor who also passed having a treasure-trove of friends.

Well done, Paul, and your trail-riding friends.